Explore Dundalk’s Parks and Recreational Opportunities

If parks and green spaces are community comfort food, then Dundalk has a full menu! Throughout our neighborhoods, we have 26 Baltimore County and MD State parks, and a dozen have shoreline, boat ramps and piers. Add in the school facilities and small neighborhood parks tucked in here and there, and chances are excellent that no matter where you live, you are near a green space and shoreline. Below, a list of parks and locations:

Ateaze Senior Center

7401 Holabird Avenue, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7180

Full-service senior center with a variety of activities, park with 4.6 acres, picnic area, playground, multipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhoods: Norwood-Holabird, Berkshire-Eastwood

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Battle Acre Park

3115 North Point Road, Dundalk MD 21222

Battle Acre Park is a 1-acre site dedicated in 1839 to commemorate those who fought in the Battle of North Point on September 12, 1814. Regiments of the Maryland militia engaged in battles with the British Army at the same time Fort McHenry was defending the Baltimore Harbor from the the British Navy. The success of the Maryland militia forced the British to withdraw from the Chesapeake Region for the remainder of the War of 1812.

On September 14,1914, one hundred years after the battle, the National Star Spangled Banner Commission erected a monument topped with a memorial cannon, honoring those who fought in the Battle of North Point.

In 2014, 200 years after the battle, the park was completely restored and interpretive signage and a large colorful mural were added commemorating the battle.

Nearby Neighborhoods: Charlesmont, Gray Manor, Northshire, North Point

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Bear Creek Park

Park Haven and Creek Roads, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7180

17 acres, waterfront, fishing, ball diamond, playground

Nearby Neighborhoods: Bear Creek, Gray Haven, Charlesmont

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Chesterwood Park

200 Chesterwood Road, Dundalk MD

410 887-7155

20.3 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic area, playground with swings, fishing, trails, sand volleyball pit

Nearby Neighborhoods: Chesterwood, Stanbrook

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Cimaglia community garden

Cimaglia Park

Pine and Oak Avenues, Baltimore MD 21222

40 acres, half-courts for basketball, ball fields, community garden

Nearby Neighborhood: St. Helena

Colgate Park

7700 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD 21224

410 887-0255

6.9 acres, pavilions, picnic area, playground, tennis courts, ball fields, restrooms, multipurpose court

Nearby Neighborhood: Colgate

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Dundalk Community Center

Trading Place and Dunmanway, Dundalk MD 21222 – immediately adjacent to Heritage Park

basketball courts, youth programs, weight room, Y Aquatic Center, computer lab, meeting rooms

Nearby Neighborhoods: Old Dundalk, Dun-Logan, St. Helena

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Fleming Community Center and Park

641 Main Street, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7134

20.1 acres, waterfront, community center with extensive programming for older adults, pavilion, picnic area, playground, fishing, ballfields, multipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhood: Turner Station

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Fort Howard Park

9500 North Point Road, Fort Howard MD 21219

410 887-7529

92.6 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic areas, shaded playground with water views, fishing, pier, restrooms, trails, historic site, location for annual Defenders Day Celebration and Reenactments

Nearby Neighborhoods: Fort Howard, Edgemere, Millers Island

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Gray Manor Park

7607 Parkwood Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7180

14.2 acres, playground, ballfields, restroom, multipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhoods: Gray Manor, Northshire

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 Harborview Park

7298 Woodrow Avenue, Baltimore MD 21224

ballfields, playground, events

Nearby Neighborhood: Harborview

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Heritage Park

Center Place and Trading Place, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

Festivals, concerts, pavilion.  Site of Dundalk’s annual 3-day Heritage Fair around end of June-July 4th with live music, carnival rides, beer garden, petting zoo, food and craft vendors, and more.

A great strolling park for walking the dog or the baby, picnics.  Immediately adjacent to two playgrounds at Dundalk Elementary School and the Y Aquatic Center in the Dundalk Community Center building.

Nearby Neighborhoods: Old Dundalk, Dunlogan, St. Helena

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Inverness Center

8301 Lynch Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7134

12.8 acres, community center, ball diamond, restrooms, multipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhoods:Inverness, Gray Haven

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Inverness Park

Inverton Road off of Jasmine Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7134

9.9 Acres, waterfront, playground, ball fields, fishing, boat ramp

Nearby Neighborhoods: Inverness, Gray Haven

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Lynch Cove Park

Access from Church Road across from Grange Elementary or 7833 Scholar Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

10.8 acres, waterfront, ball fields, restroomsmultipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhoods: Eastfield, Inverness

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Merritt Point Park

7800 Dunmanway, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

36.3 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic area, 2 shaded playgrounds, swings for little kids, ball fields, fishing, boat ramps, multipurpose courts

Nearby Neighborhoods: Dun-Logan

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North Point Government Center

1747 Merritt Blvd., Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

27.8 acres, community center with wrestling facility and community theater, playground, ball fields, restrooms, multipurpose courts, tennis courts

Nearby Neighborhoods: Eastfield, Stanbrook, Inverness

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North Point State Park

8400 North Point Road, Edgemere MD 21219

410 477-0757 – $4/car admission

1,310 acres, waterfront including sandy beaches, pier, pavilion, bike and hiking trails, fishing, wildlands, picnic areas, historic sites

Nearby Neighborhoods: North Point, Edgemere

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Peach Orchard Park

Dundalk Avenue and Peach Orchard Road, Dundalk MD 21222

waterfront vistas, shaded areas for walking and picnics

 Nearby Neighborhood: Watersedge

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6509 Colgate Avenue, Dundalk MD 21222

410 633-6077

meeting and event space for rent, restrooms

Nearby Neighborhoods: Saint Helena, Old Dundalk

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Saint Helena Park

300 Willow Spring Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

16 acres, dog park, shaded playground with swings (one of the nicest in Southeast Baltimore), ballfields, picnic area, restrooms

Nearby Neighborhoods: Saint Helena, Old Dundalk, Dun-Logan

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Sollers Point Multipurpose Center

323 Sollers Point Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 288-5093

gymnasium, classrooms, computer center, Baltimore County Public Library branch, Turner Station History Center, restrooms, commercial kitchen

 Nearby Neighborhoods: Turner Station, Watersedge

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Southeast Regional Recreation Center

4021 North Point Blvd., Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-3478

3.2 acres, community center, restrooms, indoor soccer arena, skate park

Nearby Neighborhoods: Edgepoint-Oakleigh Beach, North Point Village

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 Stansbury Park

7800 Stansbury Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7155

28.3 acres, waterfront, 2 playgrounds, ball fields, large scenic pond with fishing pier, restrooms, walking trails with views of lynch cove, community gardens

Fishing pier and lake also featured in the image at the top of this page.

Nearby Neighborhoods: Eastfield, Stanbrook

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Turner Station Park

23 Rayme Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7536

5.5 acres, waterfront, large pavilion on the water, restrooms, picnic area, playground, fishing, boat ramp

 Nearby Neighborhood: Turner Station

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Veterans Park

Dundalk Avenue and Center Place, Dundalk MD 21222

pavilion, shaded grassy area for events, urban strolling, Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum; in the heart of the historic Dundalk Main Street commercial area

Nearby Neighborhoods: Dun-Logan, Old Dundalk, St. Helena

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Watersedge Park

8820 Bullneck Road, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7134

6.5 acres, waterfront pavilion, picnic area, waterfront basketball court and ballfield, shaded waterfront playground, fishing, multipurpose courts, restrooms

Nearby Neighborhood: Watersedge

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Watersedge Recreation Center

7894 Dundalk Avenue, Dundalk MD 21222

410 887-7134

meeting rooms, gymnasium, restrooms

Nearby Neighborhoods: Watersedge, Turner Station

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