Home Buyer Grants

$5,000 DRC Home Buyer Grant Rules from Dundalk Renaissance Corporation for homes in 21222 and 21224 within Baltimore County

For closing costs and/or down payment – and not for first-time buyers only!  (Download a PDF version of the grant rules.)

1) Earn a home buyer certificate from a home ownership counseling agency PRIOR to signing a contract to purchase a home. Counseling classes fill up quickly; don’t wait to get this part of the process started. All adults who will be on the title and/or mortgage must be certified. See counseling agency info below.

2) Attend our annual April Dundalk Housing Fair and Neighborhood Tours OR a Neighborhood Close Up OR a BE A BUYER workshop prior to making an offer on a home. Event details are at UnexpectedDundalk.com home page.  A contract cannot be signed prior to attending one of our events. At our housing events, you will receive your Dundalk Home Buyer Grant card and must have it stamped as instructed on the card to prove your attendance and participation. To learn about our upcoming housing events, go to facebook.com/dundalkusa or our website UnexpectedDundalk.com. Be sure to sign up for our monthly e-news from the home page.

3) We encourage you to choose your lender from the Maryland Mortgage Program list
Dundalk Renaissance Corporation, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, offers this $5,000 grant program on a first-come, first-served basis. Your mortgage must be with an approved lender with the Maryland Mortgage Program – details at http://mmp.maryland.gov.

4) Your household gross income must be above 80% and below 120% of the Area Median Income, and you must be an owner-occupant. Please see the income chart on the second page.

5) To reserve your funds, submit the following by mail or in person to:
Diane Lesman, Dundalk Renaissance Corp., P.O. Box 9276 (11 Center Place), Dundalk  MD  21222
a. a complete copy of your ratified purchase contract
b. your Dundalk Home Buyer Grant card from a DRC home buyer event (see #2)
c. proof of completion of your home owner counseling class (see #1)
d. verification of household income (ex. prior year tax return, pg. 1 or 2 months’ recent pay stubs)

Reservations are first-come, first-served, and all of the items detailed above must be provided. The DRC office is open Mon. – Fri., 9:30 – 4:30; phone 410-282-0261. Please call us first, to make sure the office is staffed.

This program is a forgivable loan, with repayment requirements if the buyer(s) does not live in the home for the first 5 consecutive years. Grant funds will be disbursed as part of the home purchase settlement proceedings. These grants may be combined with other available programs for which you are eligible.

The funds are structured as a $5,000, 5-year forgivable loan.

Repayment conditions:
If the property is sold or rented within years 1 – 3, all of the funds must be repaid.
If the property is sold or rented during years 4 and/or 5, $4,000 of the $5,000 must be repaid.
If the buyer retains ownership and lives in the property for a full 5 years (or more), there is no repayment requirement, and these funds become a grant.

To qualify for the $5,000 DRC Home Buyer Grant, your household gross income must fall between these guidelines:

Note: these are the current figures from Baltimore County – they are subject to change.


     Household size

















80% AMI
$47,600 $54,400 $61,200 $68,000 $73,450 $78,900 $84,350 $89,800
120% AMI       $74,500 $85,100 $95,700 $106,300 $114,900 $123,400 $131,900 $140,400

NOTE: If your household income falls under the 80% figure for your household size, you must attend classes for Baltimore County buyers in order to qualify for County SELP and other County programs. Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc., Diversified Housing Development, Eastside Community Development Corp., HARBEL Housing Partnership and St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center give classes for County buyers. Your loan officer or real estate agent can tell you about other home buyer assistance programs for which you may be qualified, through the State, County, Federal and specific lender programs.


Housing Counseling Certification Providers – contact them for upcoming classes
Classes fill very quickly – so call and check their websites often!

Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.    (410) 485-8422

HARBEL Housing Partnership    (410) 444-9152

Diversified Housing Development    (410) 496-1214

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center    (410) 366-8550

Eastside Community Development Corp.    (410) 284-9861

Southeast Community Development Corp.    (410) 342-3234

NHS of Baltimore       (410) 327-1200

Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc. (CHAI)      (410) 466-1990

Druid Heights Community Development Corp.         (410) 523-1350

Garwyn Oaks (GO) NW Housing Resource Ctr.         (410) 947-0084

Park Heights Renaissance, Inc.       (410) 664-4890

The Development Corp. of NW Baltimore        (410) 578-7190

Other Programs:

 DRC Market Boost Partnership Grants

  • Receive up to $3,000 in assistance when you purchase a select home from one of our approved investor partners
  • You must agree to live in your home for 3 years
  • For a list of available homes, contact Amy Menzer — 410.282.0261 or amy@dundalkusa.org

The Market Boost $3,000 home buyer incentive cannot be combined with the $5,000 DRC buyer incentive grant, but there are no restrictions on using SELP, D-SELP, MALP, FHLB, or other State or County programs to purchase a Market Boost home. Learn more here.

Baltimore County Neighborhood Conservation Initiative

$20,000 loan for home buyers whose household incomes are 120% or less of the Area Median Income for the Baltimore region. (see chart below.) Homes in Dundalk’s 21222 and 21224 zip codes are eligible! Details available here.

Other Closing Cost and Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Settlement Expense Loan Program (SELP) provides closing cost assistance to income-eligible, first-time home buyers.

The Mortgage Assistance Loan Program (MALP) provides down payment assistance to low-to-moderate income, first-time home buyers in designated areas in existing communities through the County.

Assistance from SELP or MALP is in the form of a deferred loan that is forgivable if the home owner occupies the property as their principal residence during the period of affordability as required by the HOME Investment Partnerships Act regulations. The period of affordability is fifteen years.

Candidates can apply for either SELP or MALP through Baltimore County’s housing counseling affiliates:

Maryland Mortgage Program

The Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) provides assistance through its Downpayment and Settlement Expense Loan Program (DSELP) provided the applicant has been approved for a Community Development Administration (CDA) loan. Click here for their list of approved lenders.

Phone: 800-638-7781 Email: SingleFamilyHousing@dhcd.state.md.us

For more information, contact Marcia Williams — 410-887-6055 or mdwilliams@baltimorecountymd.gov

*The Baltimore County SELP and MALP programs require you to use a Baltimore County approved lender. Below is the list for 2014 – 2016. 

  • 1st Mariner Bank – MMP loans only
  • Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Bay Bank (Carrollton Bank)
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • First Home Mortgage – MMP loans only
  • Fullton Mortgage (The Columbia Bank)
  • Howard Bank
  • M&T Bank
  • Peoples Bank
  • PNC Mortgage
  • Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association
  • Suntrust Mortgage, Inc.

FHLB Grant

Qualified first time home buyers can receive $5,000 in a forgivable grant ($7,500 – for nurses, police officers, teachers, and fire fighters.)

For more info you may visit http://marylandmortgageinfo.com/fhlb/ or call 1-888-311-1070