Education Sessions

Get the latest information for buying, renting or renovating a home

We’re offering 15 workshops, designed to give you the latest information for buying, renting or renovating a home. Each session is 45 minutes in length and you’ll have lots of flexibility for classes, bus tours, and time in the exhibition hall. Some popular sessions, like “First-Time Home Buyer”, will be offered more than once. Mix and match your schedule to get the most out of the day’s offered events.

Here’s an overview of the various education sessions; check back soon for a final time schedule and list of experienced instructors.

In these sessions, you will learn:

  • about the home buying process and a variety of financial incentives
  • how to budget your money, review your credit and make a plan to become a homeowner
  • how to hire a contractor to renovate your home, along with our Vibrant Neighborhoods 0% interest loan program information to help you make it happen sooner rather than later. 

For Home Buyers

The Home Buying Process

What’s involved in buying a home? Learn about all the steps, the role of your real estate agent, how to find a lender and become pre-qualified for a mortgage, and how to make an offer on a home. Find out about the home inspection, what the title company does, and what happens at settlement. Learn about purchase incentives available from DRC, government agencies, and lenders.

First Time Buyer Program Grants and Incentives – in English

Learn about currently available incentive grants to assist with down payment, closing costs, and other costs of buying a home. Many of these programs require that you complete homeownership counseling classes and receive a certificate; you will learn about these classes and where to enroll. Southeast Community Development Corporation works with people who plan to become homeowners in Baltimore City and Baltimore County and offers classes in English and Spanish.

Comprador por Primera vez Subvenciones e Incentivos del Programa – en español

Aprenda acerca de las subvenciones disponibles en la actualidad incentivos para ayudar con el pago inicial, costos de cierre y otros gastos de la compra de una casa. Muchos de estos programas requieren que usted tome clases de asesoría de propiedad de vivienda. Aprenda sobre estas clases y el plan para inscribirse. Corporación para el Desarrollo Comunitario Sudeste trabaja con personas que buscan convertirse en propietarios de vivienda en la ciudad de Baltimore y el condado de Baltimore, y ofrece clases de Inglés y Español.

 Understanding Your Mortgage

Learn how a mortgage works and understand how much home you can afford, as well as the special incentives available from lenders to help you buy the home you want. Mortgage insurance and property taxes also play a part in your monthly house payment, so lenders are prepared to give you invaluable information about budgeting and financial fitness.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is your advocate through the home buying process. He/she will help you choose the best home for your needs and make an offer competitive with current comparable sale prices. Your agent can also help you with financial incentive programs, lenders, and guide you from offer to settlement table.

Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score

Your credit score and history is the starting point for your mortgage loan application and is one of the most influential factors in your ability to secure a home purchase loan. At the housing fair, you will learn how to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies, the types of data contained in credit files, how that data is obtained, how long the information stays on a credit file and how to dispute inaccurate information. You’ll also learn how your credit information is used – not only for credit transactions, but also for employment, car loans and insurance purposes.

For Renters

Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant

Understand your lease, minimum housing code standards and how to get your landlord to cooperate in getting repairs done, as well as resources to help you if you fall behind in your rent.

For Home Owners

Renovating 101

What should you look for when hiring a contractor?  Home owners will get tips about prioritizing renovations with a limited budget and planning the best time for you to undertake a project.

Make Your New Home a Green Home

Having sticker shock over your heating and cooling bills? Feel that draft sucking dollars out of your wallet each month? Home owners will learn about grants available to make improvements that will lower utility bills, increase comfort, and reduce energy use.  Offered by Retrofit Baltimore in partnership with Dundalk Renaissance Corporation and Baltimore County

For Everyone

Understanding and Repairing Your Credit

Learn about your credit history and the steps you can take to improve your credit score, because your credit is key to obtaining future goals. Guidewell Financial Solutions (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Services CCCS) has many years of experience helping people manage and reduce their debt. Visit their exhibitor table and sign up for a 1-on-1 appointment during the housing fair.

Financial Fitness

Learn how to prepare a household budget, get tips for reducing your monthly bills and tools for managing your money, and learn how to create a plan for reaching your financial goals.


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The Dundalk Housing Fair and Neighborhood Close Up events are held in Dundalk, Maryland 21222.