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Re-Imagining Dundalk’s Future

Dundalk Renaissance Corporation (DRC) was formed in April, 2001 by a steering committee of local stakeholders leading a broad-based, community planning process. The task was to re-imagine Dundalk’s future in the face of challenges that included decades of industrial job losses, population decline, and more than a dip in optimism. Fortunately, planning participants in 2001 could see past those issues and envisioned a Dundalk that already had a strong work ethic, pride in its history, a substantial list of assets – and they could see great potential. With the founding of DRC, new inspiration and energy fueled the vision for a new and improved Dundalk!

We are a community-based non-profit community development corporation that works in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including community residents, government and the private sector, to implement projects and seek investments that revitalize Dundalk. That’s how we started out, and we haven’t stopped for 14 years.

Our approach builds on our community’s strengths, which include 43 miles of waterfront, affordable homeownership opportunities, a walkable historic district, and close proximity to Baltimore City, major highways and employers. Add a bunch of down-to-earth, caring, hard-working, loyal-to-Dundalk people, and you’ve got a real community.

DRC is a certified Maryland Main Street, Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) and a watershed organization. We create housing opportunities affordable to people with a wide range of incomes, organize our Main Street merchants to boost business, promote our neighborhoods as great places to live and work, and engage community residents to promote pride, strengthen neighborhood associations, and improve our watershed. Yes, we’re pretty busy, but this community is worth it!

DRC believes in partnerships and collaboration, and that no one entity can do it all.

We’re hard-working, but we’re one organization, with limited resources (though we stretch them daily!), so we invite other community partners to make important, long-lasting changes with us. We welcome opportunities to partner and support others’ endeavors to make Dundalk the best it can be.

We invite you to join us in building a better Dundalk!

Volunteer at our many events and greening activities, and become a DRC Member. Members who join at the $20 level or more get a Member Rewards Card featuring discounts to 17 Dundalk-area restaurants, stores, and services. Find out more.


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